June 19, 2022

I knew the history associated with Juneteenth but not the specifics of it, and for that I am sorry. I blame that and the fact that I didn’t know it was a holiday while living in Colombia. The news I get is somewhat watered down a little. I read stories based on headlines and if the headline doesn’t grab me I move on. I know that’s no excuse but it’s the only one I got. When they were talking about the 19th down here it was Father’s day they were referring to. They had to move that day because of the Presidential election, it is now June 26. The election also contributed to my ignorance as it consumes the news down here. I know with all the bullshit going on and the rise of racist Politicians in the US people are worried and I think they should be. I think parents should turn around and look at their kids and realize they may never get to vote in a free election. They should let their kids see Orwell’s 1984 and the Handmaid’s tale. People of color, Latinos, and Native Americans could face something worse than Segregation and women could start losing all their hard-won rights. It won’t happen overnight but if it does we sit around and say how did this happen or more correctly how did we let this happen because this won’t happen because of some attack from outside this will happen because we thought it never would. Antonia and I hope all our friends, no matter their race or skin color, have a wonderful Father’s Day and do all they can to protect their futures. This is THE ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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