June 5, 2022

If you’ve read any of my stuff on gun control you know I have a couple of problems with what’s out there. I really don’t want to ban guns but I do need a reason why people need 15, 20, 50, or more capacity magazines. I was a member of a rifle team in high school and an expert in the National Guard. We didn’t have all the automatic weapons available now, we actually had to see what we were shooting at. I’ve always thought that the Marine Sniper motto One shot One kill worked pretty well if you were a hunter. I don’t own guns anymore because quite frankly going out to shoot with a guy who has a 25-round mag in his rifle scares the shit out of me. They limit the number of rounds you can have in a shotgun in New Jersey and no one complains, but if you say you can’t have 30 rounds in your rifle people get crazy. When I ask why they need that many bullets to go hunting or target shooting they don’t have any kind of answer that makes sense. There is at least one legal gun for every person living in the US. Now tell me this has nothing to do with the increase in mass shootings. We have one of these at least once a week. Are street gangs to blame for all the gun violence? Sometimes, it has become increasingly more about people with extreme views and unstable minds. Who do we blame for this? It’s all of us. We can’t sit back and expect our politicians or law enforcement people to do it all. First of all, politicians are only interested in staying in office with their cushy little jobs. The police are not just overwhelmed but we have restricted them as to what they can, and can’t do. Those restrictions are needed so are new laws with greater penalties. People are going to have to choose what’s more important their 2nd amendment rights or the lives of their kids. This has been brought to you by THE ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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