April 10, 2022

Well in most parts of the world it’s Palm Sunday but don’t worry, I won’t be talking about religion. I’m about to repeat something I’ve been saying for years, Politicians suck. People believe that other people go into politics to help benefit their fellow man. Bullshit, they do it because they think they think they know what’s good for us. Not what we want or need, but what they think we would want if we were smart enough to know it. They also go into politics because they like the feeling of power. Congressmen and women and Senators never go around and pay for stuff. That is how they come out with so much money in the bank. Politicians are all about themselves most of the time. In today’s political world it would seem that the mentally disturbed are beginning to take over. It also seems that Democracy, you know that thing that millions of Americans have died for is no longer popular. You have an ex-President supporting a dictator and a congresswoman who wants to assassinate members of the opposing party. I never thought I’d say this but people you may have to actually fight for your rights. This is the ANCIENT ONE saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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