February 27, 2022

Well, before we get to the title story let me tell you the argument with the bank continues. Now, for you new people or new person let me tell you about Flounder. Flounder was my cat he was what they call a Tuxedo cat because his coat resembled a tuxedo. He came with me to Colombia and we spent 191/2 years together he was a month short of 20 when he died. I miss him as do some of my readers. I didn’t change the name of the blog because that required me to really say goodbye. I have a new writing pal in my Labradoodle Antonia. We think she is between 8 and 10 years old, could be older. I got her about a year before Flounder died. They were good friends every once in a while Antonia will go looking for him.

OK, now back to the title of this post. War, what is it good for? I don’t think much will be accomplished by this one except the deaths of a lot of children and women. Putin felt this was a good time because he had spent the last 6 years or so watching as America showed its true divides. I think he knew we wouldn’t do much. Trump had split the country and weakened our standing in the world. He almost had to attack now, because we were starting to get some of that respect back. Putin will win this war but it won’t last. It will cost him his place in the world as well as billions of dollars to hold onto this victory. Putin wants the Russian Empire back. He might get some of it back but it won’t last. His country has become too corrupt over time to be able to sustain an Empire. Trump has supported Putin’s plan because he admires dictators. He admires them because he thinks his people admire them, they don’t. They fear their leaders and that’s why they don’t say No to them and that’s what Trump wants absolute power. I could go on about Trump but I’ll leave that for another post, after all, he has already proved himself to be a coward and a traitor. This is FATS and his friend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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