November 7, 2021

I’m still waiting for the results of some tests I took, they should be here this week and then I’ll let everybody know what’s happening. Now, to this week’s post. Do you remember when you first learned about the Constitution? Well, I do and I remember it saying it was a government for the people and by the people, sounds like a great concept right. Well, our politicians seem to have forgotten that and now operate under the premise that it’s for them not for you. I think that’s why the Trumpster and all his little pea brain followers got elected. The American people are now starting to understand that the people in Washington don’t give a shit about them and what they need or want. I believe that they will now vote for people that they believe are not mainstream and will actually change things. They will change things they just won’t be changing them for the betterment of the general public, but rather into what they deem as their vision of the way things should be. In other words, it will be worse than before. They believe that being free to think what we want is not best for us or for them. Most of us have never been afraid to say what we think except maybe at our work. But, tell me how will you feel when it’s no longer safe to object to the government or even to your neighbor. I know people who have lived in countries like that but of course, no one will believe it can happen here. That thinking process is naive and will get you nowhere. I hope I’m wrong about the way I think and see things but? This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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