October 24, 2021

Sorry for the lack of a post last week but I had personal shit to deal with. I spent Sunday with the family at a farm. I will let everyone know what’s going on later in the week or next Sunday in other words when I figure it I’ll let you know. What’s new in the world, well I just read that 66% of republicans in the South favor secession. Well, how did that work out for you last time? They probably think that Cuba, Mexico, and Russia will give them support. I don’t understand I lived for 75 years and I haven’t seen a better country yet. You go find me a country that will pay me a pension and allow me to live in another country. The Republicans don’t like the fact that women want to be equal and that Blacks feel the same and don’t get me started on how they feel about the Native Americans. They seem to want an Apartheid-style government, and how did that work out for South Africa. I can’t say this enough when I say we all need each other. If these people don’t want integration or equality, sign up for Mars and get the fuck off my planet. The fact that now we have people that don’t believe in the science that got us to where we are now and want the country to regress morally, scientifically, and socially backwards completely is absolutely mind boggling. Look for updates soon as to what’s happening with me and Antonia. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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