October 3, 2021

Do you guys remember the way holidays use to be? let’s start with Halloween, the real kids day. It has been take over by adults as an excuse to spend o fortune on a costume and try and win a contest in a bar while getting drunk. They also got to private parties where the hid are pushed aside and the adults sneak weed. It still is a kids holiday in Colombia all the business’s and people on the street hand out candy to the children. Thanksgiving was a time for the families to get together and talk, and eat, and watch the game. You had the parade the official opening of the Christmas season and the arrival of Santa at Macy’s. The parade is still there but now between the internet and stores being open it sort of has lost its fun. Black Friday is a violent exhibition of greed as is Cyber Monday. Christmas Down here stars the end of September and as far as the stores are concerned ends around the 11th of December. A lot of jobs shut down with people not being paid but they find money to drink. The Holidays are today more of a party season rather than a time to enjoy family and friends. I’m not saying we didn’t do our share of Partying back in the day but Christmas day still meant something to us. It was a day for kids to wake up early run to see what Santa left them under the tree, or what you mom gave your dad. Now things have changed and you know how people say change is good I’ m not so sure. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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