September 26, 2021

Well, first let me say I’m not doing live posts at the moment. Every time I start I get 2 to 10 min in and my internet kicks me out. I am posting videos to YouTube at Jeffrey Bruff under Antonia and Fats. Now onto today’s agenda. First up is are we ready for another Pandemic or for a larger surge from this one, and the answer is a resounding NO. The reason is twofold we’re too interested in getting back to normal and second, we’re just not ready from a medical point of view. We knew after the bird flu that more than likely there was another worse one coming done the pipe. It is my opinion, that it’s not a question of will another occur but when it will occur. That being said this one caused so much grief and was so expensive plus Trump mismanaged it so bad that we’re behind in preparedness for another one. Though in Climate warming it will likely mean more moderate winters and you have a recipe for another disaster. This brings me to the second part of my commentary this morning the Climate. It seems from what I read this morning that the rich folks are lining up to abandon this planet and go to the Moon or Mars. It reads like something out of a science fiction story. Again, we can blame this in part on Donald Trump and his cohorts for not believing in Climate Science or science in general. It looks like to me it’s not going to be the Russians, Chinese, Koreans, Or the Arab nations that going to destroy Democracy, it’s going to be our own egos. that’s it for me today, this is ANTONIA and FATS saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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