September 5, 2021

First let me apologize for giving the wrong time for ANTONIA AND FATS LIVE on YouTube it’s 8 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. We don’t change our clocks down here so sometimes I forget. Now, for today’s topic. The west is drying up and the Republicans don’t believe in Climate science as the cause. Well in the next few years they will be making decisions basically about who lives and who dies. The really sad thing is I get the impression that the politicians don’t really give a fuck and are more concerned with their golf tee times. The reason would be that if they did something about the climate the major corporations would have to dip into their profits in order to pay for the changes. My thoughts are what good is money or Nukes if there’s no water and no food to buy. I won’t swear to this but the four year of complete denial by the Trump administration and the Republican congress have put us squarely behind the preferable 8 Ball. The really amazing thing is this isn’t a problem that’s so far gone it can’t be fixed , if we work together. The part about working together is the hardest part to accomplish. Like my MOM always said we all need each other and if you look at past civilizations that have collapsed and vanished, you will see what I mean. If the world ever needed to come together now is the time. The problem is everybody wants to be I charge and if they keep this up there will be nothing left to be in charge of. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO form Medellin, Colombia. Hope to see you Monday at 8pm EDST.

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