August 29, 2021

Well the Trumpster wasn’t reinstated to the Presidency, but he’s still thinks he’s the asshole in charge. I want to know how so many Republicans can deny science yet claim a college education. I thought you had to know science to get out of High School, are you saying they all lied and cheated. I look at whats going on around the country weather wise and I’m beginning to think that the US has already reached the tipping point climate wise. People who live in the suburbs want Trump back. They don’t realize that he would more then gladly sacrifice them in order to have a hotel in their neighborhood. The man has no Empathy and would gladly watch you die if he thought he could either gain politically or monetarily. Americas west is drying up and burning but he won’t talk about the climate he’d rather tell you that the election was fixed. The rest of the Republican party is scared shitless to disagree with him the rest of the party also wants to deny women equal pay and would rather have them keep their mouths shut and stay in the kitchen where they belong, according to them. They would be overjoyed if they could bring back segregation and only teach there versions of how the world began. You know if you look way back you’ll see religion was one of the most oppressive forms of government and still is. I still believe the only way for the world to survive is for the young people to get rid off the old guys in control and bring some new life to the world. This is an Old Man FATS and his OLD dog ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Check us out live every Monday at 8pm EST on YouTube.

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