what’s happening

August 1, 2021

Hello out there how are you? Lets see what happened this week,shall we. The Olympics are going on and I’m sorry but I rally don’t care. I do watch them,but if you know anything about Colombian TV,you know it’s the only thing on TV that’s not ten years old. I thought the Biles situation could have been handled better. I know she’s a great athlete, but if she knew she would have some problems maybe she should of begged off the team and let someone else get a chance. The virus, there’s that dirty word again, is still complicating everything we do. The Republicans are still trying to change history and destroy Democracy in the process. The NFL opened training camps. Arron Rodgers signed a new deal. Once again proving it’s all about the greenbacks. I wish they would stop trying to tell us it isn’t about money, because if that was true he wouldn’t be in camp. Getting back to the Olympics again, did any of you happen to see the women’s shot put The Chinese person that one , I say person because there was nothing feminine about this person from there face to the way they walked. I think the Chinese might be up to their old tricks. Well just think in a few weeks we get to see grown men try to kick the shit out of one another in other words ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL. This has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Don’t forget to catch my Three For Free music 7 days a week on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, and most of all don’t forget to check us out LIVE on YOUTUBE Monday nights at 8 Eastern DST.

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