May 30, 2021

Well, you know what this week reminds me of? That line in the God Father movies where Pacino say just when I think I’m out the draw me back in, that’s how I feel when I have to talk about Trump and the Republicans. I try not to talk about them but they continue to try and destroy Democracy. They have proven that the threat to this country isn’t from Russia,China, North Korea, or the Mid East it’s sitting in Bedminster NJ and it’s name is Donald Trump. For people who Profess they wish to make this country great again they sure are trying to fuck it up. For those of you that don’t think this can happen, just look at history. Every great society has toppled yes some have been invade but most are destroyed from within. Greed the desire for power and the trampling of human rights are the true causes of collapse. If you want to see what the US might look like in ten years look at Cuba and Venezuela and you’ll know. The people that politicians like to refer to as the silent majority need to wake the fuck up stop worrying about the price of gas and start worrying are they going to be able to complain about it without going to jail. Everything we take for granted is at stake now even if we don’t want to think so. When people start to believe lies and not the truth Democracy is lost. This has been FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. By the way Ruby thanks everyone for the birthday wishes

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