May 23, 2021

Good morning to you all. Well, I’m ready so lets go. The Republican party is trying to stop the Bi-Partisan Committee on the insurrection of Jan 6 from happening and people want to know why. The reasons are fairly obvious they don’t want to see proof that they are wrong. They don’t want to see Kevin McCarthy have to listen to his own voice proving he’s full of shit. They don’t want to explain how Marjorie Taylor Greene got elected in a state where they think the election was rigged for Democrats. These goings on are once again proving that the two party system is failing the people of this country and that line Jack used “ The truth you can’t stand the truth is becoming a reality in politics. I had hoped , in what has turned my naive optimism, that I would be writing about politics now but those ass holes just had to prove me wrong. I don’t think the Mafia was as afraid of Gotti as the Republicans are of Trump. The thing is he’s a fat lying ex President with more legal problems than anyone else in this country. So, what is it that he has over these people If they have Presidential aspirations they should know he’s never going to let that happen. He’ll run his kids first. I think Mitchell and McCarthy fear that if he goes down they’re questionable acts will be brought out into the daylight. OK. I’ve had my fill of this for the day so, this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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