May 9, 2021

Well today is Mothers Day and we wish everyone a happy day. Did you know that in politics Mother is only half a word, at least according to Trump. We won’t be going there today. I got my second vaccination shot on Saturday and my wife got her first. I got Sinovac and she got Pfizer. We went to two different places. Her second shot is not scheduled to the end of June, which seems like a long time to me. All the violent protesting seems to be over down here for now. They got the tax plan canceled and caused the farmers and the locals pain. I can see food prices going up now. It looks like the possibility of world wide inflation is rearing its ugly head. Nobody seems to mention that ugly word inflation but instead just say prices are rising and there are shortages in the supply chain. The funny thing is the previous do nothing President is still saying nothing except he won. if he runs in 2024, and I’m still alive, and he wins I might have to give up my citizenship, it would be to hard to be part of a country that could elect that ass hole twice. So as I said at the top I’m fully vaccinated but down here that don’t mean shit. I’m still restricted as to when and where I can go, but if I take Antonia I can go anywhere I want vaccinated or not. Yes, Colombia is a strange place. This has been ANTONIA anf FATS saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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