May 2, 2021

Well I was supposed to get my second vaccine shot yesterday, but when we got to the clinic it was closed. They were afraid of political protests. So after spending cab fair we had to turn around and go home. I have no idea when we’ll get the second shot, hopefully they will call us on Monday. The protests have resulted in 6 people dying, 5 civilians and one police officer. They were protesting reform which included increases in taxes. Today the President rescinded the plan. Politics in this country is more screwed up then the US but not by much. The leading candidate in the next election is an ex mayor of Bogota, and ex rebel,he was almost indited when he was mayor. You know how I say there’s no such thing as an honest politician in the US, well that goes double down here. If this country actually stopped cocaine production it wold go bankrupt in a week. I had heard last week that they had run out of vaccine for the first shot but that they had enough for the second shots. I just hope nobody sold it yet. I read that it will take something like 640 days for this country to reach 70% vaccinated. that’s worse then America with Trump in charge. Well Antonia and me are going to take a nap so we’ll say this has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

One Response to “WHERE’S MY SHOT”

  1. that is interesting. I always wonder about other countries and how they are fairing in this vaccination storm. The US is messed up for sure. Many places have let go of restrictions and we aren’t anywhere near where we should be to do so.I work as a night nurse in private duty here and the whole family has covid. All of them are asymptomatic , however.The mom was the only one to get vaccinated and she got it first- so just goes to prove it’s not a complete cure . Ive been fully vaccinated since jan/feb. and haven’t yet gotten it.But i do worry about the new mutant strains i hear of around the world.I wonder if we will all need more vaccines for them.


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