April 11, 2021

First I just read last week’s post and I apologize for the spelling and grammar errors. Now onto today’s writing. If your over 70 like me and have a heavy reading habit you might have noticed that either your memory is failing or history is being quietly rewritten. In my case it probably a little of both. It pisses me off when something I lived is now not the way I remember living it. I‘m not talking about politicians lying about recent events. I‘m talking about history being changed. I won’t go into detail because that will just get people arguing but, I will ask why we let them do it. Some needed changing because it was wrong and needed to be corrected. Something I‘ve seen changed seemed to have been changed just for the sake of changing. What else seems to get chanced for no reason. Have you noticed that just when you get used to a search on the internet they change the way you do it, or you get used to the way your bank’s web page looks, and they change it, and in your opinion not for the better? Ins. companies do it social media does it, why. In my opinion, they do it to justify their employment not to improve your experience. That brings back to history. I think historians try to put their spin on stuff so they feel useful. For us old guys we don’t need people screwing with things that we’re comfortable with. It just makes us feel like we never existed. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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