April 4, 2021

Another week a couple of shootings and a political scandal . Lets start with the scandal first. We have Gaetz accused of sexual misconduct with a hooker. Now we know nothing is really going to happen to this guy because as we know bullshit walks and money talks, that and the republicans are chicken shit. He will get a wrist slap and will remain one of the crazy conspiracy nuts in congress. Now you know how a fat prick like Trump could get elected. I assume everybody by now realizes that we live in a gun culture and that until we change the way we view guns innocent people are going to continue to be shoot down in our streets. I don’t want to get started again on this topic in infuriates me to the point of screaming at Antonia. I do think tht before we get rid of all the guns we should get rid of the politicians first.

Finally this week we have the state of Georgia losing the major league baseball All-Star Game. Personally, I could care less about the game than I do about the reason they moved it out of the state. It was done to protest the new voting law in the state and that was good. But, now the PGA has said it won’t move its tournament out of the stater. That was to be expected. Golf, after all, is an elitist white man’s game. There are no more than a couple of Black players in the tournament. But wait you say what about Tiger Woods wasn’t he the best? Well yes, some would say that but, he considers himself more Asian than Black. It going to be up to those people I dislike (Politicians) to change the law or repeal it. Well, this has been FATS and ANTONIA once again saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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