February 28, 2021

It's come to this: Trump vs. American democracy

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It would seem that Trump his harder to get rid of then the virus. Today he will be speaking to a bunch of conservatives but who are really Trumpets. He got elected by saying “ Make America Great Again” , but he never said how he was going to do that. What he did do was make America seem weak and foolish. It will always amaze me how gullible we humans are. You’ve got people believing Trump that election was stolen, even thought there is no evidence to prove it, and other who believe that the democrats are secretly running a pedophile ring out of a pizza place in DC. These are not all not cases on the street corner some are members of our Government, people who are supposed tO be intelligent folks. It proves to me that money and education don’t make you smart. I was hoping after Trump maybe the Government would be able to function more normally and actually get some things done. That lack of accomplishments is what got the asshole elected in the first place that and outright racism. It seems that the Republican side can’t get over the fact that a Black man got elected President. Now Trump isn’t the only one still hangin around Mitch the Bitch is still there and depending on the day of the week he either wants to kiss Trumps ass or shoot him in the ass. Don’t the have some sort of mental standards for politicians or is just a holding place of the mentally challenged. I’m not rooting for Biden I’m rooting for this country. This has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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