January 31, 2021

Well were in week two of the Biden presidency and the republicans are giving in to the Trumpster. This is one of the reasons I don’t like the two party system it causes division. It the same old thing the republicans vote republican no matter what and the Dem’s do the same. If there are no compromises or co party ideas then nothing gets done. In this system, the only way is to have a majority so that you can dictate policy. This is just what we tried to stop the Trumpster from doing, the Senate is basically 50-50 with a democratic Vice President having the deciding vote. This means or at least people believe this gives control of the Senate to the Dem’s. But shouldn’t they try to work together to make this thing we call Democracy work? There are people there that still think that the election was stolen and that is the least ridiculous conspiracy that they believe. I think it’s time to call the Trumpster out and say let’s see the proof if you have it. We don’t just want you to stand up there and tell s about the fraud we want to see proof. If you can’t do that then shut the fuck up and go away. Admit you lost fair and square. He lost the popular vote but he not bitching about that this time he says the Electoral vote was fixed. I think they, along with some others that are saying this along with preaching Qanon conspiracy theories get a check-up from the neck up. I mean if his daughter asked for it she might even be able to get a court-ordered guardianship for him. It’s getting dangerously past the time when all this should have been put away. I just want to wake up on a Sunday and talk about sports or music instead of this fat ass hole and his family. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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