January 10, 2021

Hey guys, I‘ve been asked why I didn’t post during the events of last week. Well, it’s not easy to do with things changing as fast as they have and the anger I felt. I did however post several videos on my youtube channel, Jeffrey Bruff. I title them Antonia and Fats, right now there are 53 of them. It was easier to shout at the monitor than it was to sit and try and write, as things were happening so fast. It seems now that we have people wanting to impeach him again with the idea of preventing him from running in 2024. they are also considering using the 25th amendment as well to remove him. I would be surprised if either happened because you know Pence will pardon him right

away. I personally would like to see him walk out of the white house and be arrested and served with hundreds of thousands of wrongful death lawsuits. I want all his family included in this. He has done more damage to this country and democracy than Hitler, Stalin, and the rest. I‘m surprised Cuba didn’t invade us yet. I don’t like to wish ill on people because it has a habit of backfiring. I want this prick to get everything he has coming to him I‘m so tired of watching rich white people get away with shit. Sometimes I think we should bring back vigilantly justice. I’ve heard that some of the groups involved with last week’s attack on the Capital are threatening more violence for the inauguration. Well if that’s true I hope they issue Bayonets to the National Guard. Time for me to go check out my videos on youtube. This is FATS and ANTONIA, with a little help from the spirit of FLOUNDER saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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