December 27, 2020

Well we sure know how to screw up a holiday season don’t we . First we have a pandemic killing people at an unbelievable rate, then we have a nut who blows up a street to commit suicide, and finally we have a President who is determined to leave the country in ruin on his way out. The pandemic doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, even with a vaccine in place. We have a President who would rather ignore it and complain about how he was cheated out of an election while playing golf. If he had done his one and only job, which is protecting the American people we wouldn’t be In this mess now. Then along comes nut job who apparently blew himself up on Christmas morning. This makes no sense, he warned people away then blew up the street. I don’t know what his purpose was is doing it that way and we’ll probably never know. At least he was the only one who died. Then we have the Trumpster who has done more damage to the country by doing nothing then a lot of politicians have done in the past. His vetoing the Defense bill just because of some article 230 is bullshit. His leaving the Covid bill unsigend is just pure arrogance. He wants 2000 dollar checks and he’ll probably get them the problem is somebody is gong to have to pay for them down the road. That will mean new taxes and trust the rich ain’t going to pay for it, we are. New taxes will spur inflation. All of this he thinks will make him look like a hero because he gave the people 2000 dollars. Remember when he suspended the payroll tax well that suspension ends in January and it has to be aid back by law. One thing I can agree he’s an expert in is leaving his business or leadership positions in ruin, making it extremely difficult for them to survive. Hope fully this fat prick will get his somewhere down the line. This is FATS and ANTONIA hoping next year will be better saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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