December 20, 2020

I just saw a headline on CNN that said, Trumps actions show he’s only out for himself. I think they show a little more than that. I think they show a rapidly deteriorating mine whose actions are borderline treason. People tend to think that because there are only thirty days left for him, that he can’t do anything. Wrong, he’s still President and he can make life miserable for a lot of people. His thinking about Marshal Law is one way to screw everything up. I don’t care if your a Republican or Democrat the thing I think you don’t want to is armed soldiers out in front of your house. His gun toting supporters think that’s a good idea. Hey stupid Marshal Law can call for the removal of weapons from civilians. The would be ironic , to have the man they elected to protect there guns taking them away. Marshal Law also means soldiers will be but in the position of having to fire on their neighbours. The Trumpster is doing nothing help get the vaccine,that he wants credit for, out to the people. he’s also brushing off the massive Cyber attack that even his secretary of Defence says was caused by Russia. I believe his inaction is in itself Treason. I think that the complacency of people because he has only thirty days left will hurt this country for years. All this bitchin is giving me a headache. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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