December 13, 2020

Well, tomorrow should be the end of the Trumpster now he’ll have to concentrate on staying out of jail. We have a vaccine, but it looks like about 40% of the population doesn’t want it, or doesn’t trust it, so exactly how effective it will be remains to be seen. I said this last week I think, or on one of my videos, I wouldn’t want to President right now for anything. The Trumpster is leaving such a mess it will take years to restore this country to what it once was. He is leaving the country with a population divided to the point of revolt. I hope Biden can do some real good and that the Republicans can get their shit back together and start thinking about the country instead of themselves. The college football season is done and the pros are near playoff time. Hope all the postseason stuff goes OK. They tell us it will be months before a vaccine is available to us assuming the cartels leave it alone. Oh here’s something I know your all dying to hear about. I’ll be starting off Christmas week with a colonoscopy. This year started shitty and is going to end shitty. I hope all of you will get the vaccine and will stay healthy through the holiday season. Maybe by the 4th of July, we can have a huge party to celebrate. In the meantime, we can watch a gentleman take office while a scumbag gets kicked to the curb and hopefully put in jail. I only have a few years left and I don’t want to see another situation like this again. OK, now it’s a football Sunday so I’ll say this is FATS and his buddy Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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