December 6, 2020

Well it’s been a fairly cool week. I enjoy watching the Trumpster lose his mind, I just wish he wasn’t fucking up the country at the same time. What’s got me really pissed off is Major League Baseball suing insurance companies for all the money you didn’t spend on them this year. First let me say that I think athletes are all over paid. They’re spoiled as soon as they are seen to excel at a sport. In some areas of the country the diplomas they are given might as well be made out of toilet paper for all they’re worth. The team are owned by Billionaires and the player are paid a lot. I’m not seeing the minor league clubs where people have to have two jobs just to be able to play suing anybody. At least not yet. they’re are thousands of people who are out of work and can’t pay their mortgages or rent and they can’t sue anybody. Baseball players don’t need to sue they got money the owners well fuck them. If they’re losing money they should ask the players to take a pay cut and you know they won’t do that. How are they going to pay for all girlfriends and gold chains around their necks. I hope baseball doesn’t get a dime Fuck those rich owners. We need to worry more about the regular people the ones that they charge a fortune to so they can get to the game live. The people that pay to sit in traffic and a blistering hot sun so their kids can see the people the worship as heroes. They should be worshiping the real heroes the ones working to save live at the risk of their own. This is FATS and his friend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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