November 29, 2020

Well the election is officially over as far as I’m concerned and Biden won. Now we have to face the Pandemic without excuses. We can still blame the Trumpster but that’s not going to save lives. we’re getting rid of the ass hole in charge but we still have thousands of people dying every day and that won’t stop with a vaccine. This year could be the worst in modern history for everyone. With this pandemic we can’t set at home and go poor us like we could with the Trumpster. We can’t even or at least we shouldn’t bitch and moan about it. We need to pull together because if we don’t nothing will get done and thousands of people will keep on dying. No one person or country can solve this problem. If we continue being selfish and ignorant then we might find ourselves gone just like other great societies. We could be the next Mayans or we could be like the people of Atlantis here today and gone tomorrow. My whole life I’ve wondered how smart people can be so stupid and selfish at times. The Trumpster started the Space Force to protect our planet from aliens. We need to star protecting this planet from us. We are the most self destructive spices on this planet and as such we should worry about us destroying us before we worry about Space Invaders. Well this is FATS and his Friend ANTONIA saying hope you survived Thanks Giving safely and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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