November 15, 2020

Geez can this ass hole just go away please. The Trumpster insists that he won and the election was stolen from him. If he really believes this and is so disillusioned as to think he can actually overturn the dereliction, well then he is isn’t mentally qualified to be president. Which by the way is something I’ve believed all along. So while hundreds of thousands of people are getting sick everyday and thousands of those are dying he sits in his office and whines. I personally think he waiting for someone to come to him with a del to get him out of debt and guarantee he doesn’t face criminal charges or civil lawsuits when he finally leaves. In the mean time the country has no leadership it’s security is being compromised and a bunch of white racist people are going around saying the election was stolen from him. I personally think there should be no pardon for him no, home arrest I think if he’s guilty he should be locked up. He talks about running again in 2024 I think he won’t be mentally able too, but if the Republicans support him again then we know for sure that they’re all crooked. I wouldn’t want to be Joe Biden at this point in my life and face all the problems this asshole has left him and the country. I don’t understand what all these people think would happen if he was president for a second term. All the Black people weren’t going back to Africa and immigrants weren’t going to be all deported, jobs weren’t going to magically reappear. Black people help keep this country running, jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence and robotics, immigrants are our high tech people and our doctors, so I’m sorry Trumpster they’re here and you need to be gone. I still have hope the they will have to drag him kicking and crying out of the White House on January 20, 2021. well listen it’s a football Sunday so I’ll talk to next week until then this is FATS and ANTONIA remembering FLOUNDER and saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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