October 11, 2020

Well looks like the Trumpster survived and once again was proven to be a liar or is possible he’s just losing his mind over losing. As I‘ve told you guys over and over the Trumpster and me are the same age, when I say it’s normal for some of the things I notice to be happening to him others are not so normal. They said they gave him steroids to help his recovery from the virus. I’m not sure this was the best idea for a person who is already as hot headed as he is. He was already prone o making hasty remarks and questionable decisions so maybe Steroids wasn’t the best choice of drug. We can only hope that when and if he loses the election he can be kept under control for the two month transition period. We hope he doesn’t have to be dragged from the White House, although it would be fun to see. The country has a lot on its table for the next few years and if in 4 or 8 years the Republicans come back then this country will be in a mess for years to come. We have so many diverse and radical parties out there that if we’re not careful things could actually get worse. I should really start writing this blog during the week so that I’m not ruining everybody’s Sunday. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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