October 4, 2020

Well, it looks like the Trumpster finally learned that Karma really is a bitch. It would appear that his behavior and disregard for the science has finally caught up to him. First, we learn, what I think we all suspected he doesn’t pay tax. Secondly, that virus that he said not to worry about got his ass. Now those two things would be enough to humble most people but not him. He still remains the number one asshole in the world only now he has a runny nose. His minions have been busy as witnessed by the Governor of Texas trying to keep people from voting especially the old, sick, or disabled. Sounds to me like he’s shooting for number one asshole. No matter what he thinks the election will be held and he’s not going to get the sympathy vote unless he drops dead. I can’t wait to hear how this was a Democratic or Chinese plot to make him lose the election. We know this will not humble him or make him admit he was wrong, that is not in his DNA. This might however delay the decision on his Supreme Court Nominee. that’s something that I think should happen and be removed from politics, but we know that won’t happen anytime soon. He will try to delay the election in the hope that a vaccine will be found and he can take credit for it. Well, I don’t wish evil on people I’m not going to screw around with Karma. I will say this however Melania I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT CHRISTMAS STUFF. Hey that’s it so I’ll just say this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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