September 27, 2020

you know one of these Sundays I’d like to be able to write about something that wasn’t bad news. Unfortunately, this is not the case today, so here we go. The Trumpster’s Supreme Court nominee belongs to a group that makes its members swear to some archaic rules,, such as the husband is in absolute control of the woman. Now there are others but I think this one is enough to piss off all the women in America. I know this is an impossible wish but can’t we remove politics from the court system. wouldn’t it be wonderful if judges settled cases based on merit rather than what their party thinks is right? I’ve read that this lady could set the law back in this country to the 1930s. How is that making America great again? I don’t think we were so great back then or that things were better back then. We had the depression then so how did that make us great. We’ve come a long way since the and yes we made mistakes and yes the government did less. Hear me when I say the Trumpster isn’t the answer. Oh, he has reshaped government alright, but only so it serves him not us. Yes, he has done a couple of things right but he has done more wrong than good. He has to take responsibility for the deaths of thousands because of his mismanagement of the Pandemic. When you chose who to vote for they always say think of the future but when you look at the Republican and even some Democrats all I see is a past that I want to leave right where it is in the past. Thanks for checking me out till next time this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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