September 20, 2020


A sad week for all of America, Justice Ginsberg passed away and partisan politics has raised its ugly head once again. Hours after her death Mitch the Bitch was saying the Senate would confirm the Trumpster’s pick before the election. That suck on two fronts first we don’t know the individual he’s going to nominate and secondly it’s hypocritical for the Republicans to say this after they kept Obama from doing the same thing in 2016. it shows that the Swamp hasn’t even drained an minuscule. It also shows just how the Republicans and the Trumpster want you to do as they say not as they do. This is going to make this election a real shit storm. People it is now more important than any other time in your life to get out and vote. Time to getup off your ass and become a true citizen and make sure this is a fair election no matter who ends up wining. We could be closer to Anarchy then any other time in our history. People have so much to lose this time, many of them are things we have taken for granted our whole lifetime and now they could be gone in a few months. I’m not exaggerating when I say this, the Trumpster has already said he will do away with the payroll tax if reelected. That would effectively kill social security for those who are receiving it within 2 years and those of you that have been paying into for years will lose that money. Politicians especially the Republicans of Mitch the Bitch and the Trumpster are always trying to get rid of things without offering an alternative. They tried from the day it was enacted to get rid of The Affordable Care Act without offering an effective alternative. Voting is our only legal way of ridding ourselves of these ass holes, other choices require the use of force. Ok I hate to leave you guys like this but I have a video to make and some other things to take care of so I’ll just say this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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