September 13, 2020


The only good thing that can be said right now is the NFL is back after that everything else sucks. I watched a documentary about 9/11 Friday and one thing the kept repeating was that the number one job of the President of the United States was to protect the American people. Well, bush didn’t do it but he admitted to it and still regrets his failure. The Trumpster on the on the other hand has failed repeatedly and lies about it every time. The American people had the right to know back in February what we were facing with this virus, but the Trumpster took the Elitist point of few that we were too stupid to be able to handle it. Worse than his lying is how his supporters try to believe it and then try to defend the ass hole. The Trumpster doesn’t care about most of the country even the place he needs for reelection. I have read where even if he loses the popular vote by 8 to 10 million votes he can still win. Let me be clear here if he is reelected your Social Security will be gone, your medicare will be gone, your civil rights will be gone and America will become more like Russia or Cuba. This may sound a little over the top but it isn’t, just look how he admires the authoritarian leaders of those and other countries and you’ll see some idea of how the Trumpster wants to remake this country. If you want a fair election you must get out and work for it staying home and whining will do nothing. If you’ve never worked for a candidate or been associated with helping people vote this is the election to do so. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO and go GIANTS from Medellin Colombia.

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