September 6, 2020

Well here we are another Sunday morning. This week my friends in Colombia asked me about Social Security and why Americans weren’t really pissed off about the Trumpster. The answer is really simple first they don’t realize that by not collecting Payroll taxes he can simple bankrupt it in two years. They like the increase in their paychecks not realizing that they could have to pay it all back at the end of the year. Secondly, they think he’ll come up with a better plan. They don’t realize that he doesn’t care about the average people the ones that really need it to retire. When the time comes and they need it and it’s not there for them it will be too late. When a President enters into his second term he doesn’t have to care about anything or anybody he can simply do what he wants. People believe that congress will stop him. that’s not the case if he uses Presidential proclamations, they would need to wait till he’s gone and hopes the next President wants to make a change. Ah but you say congress can put forward a bill to make the change, which he will veto of course. The only way to stop this racist egomaniac is to vote him out of office. In order to that, we have to get out the vote and stay vigilant while he’s trying to chat his way to a second term. That’ sit for today this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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