August 10, 2020

This post is going to be in Spanish as well as English because the situations are similar. Down here the president is reducing a lot of restrictions so people can go back to work. But the virus is growing every day. On July 9th there were 133973 cases of COVID 19 5335 new ones for the day, on August 9th there were 10611 new cases and the total was 387481. the president’s reaction to this let’s start the Futbol season in September. The Trumpster and Duque are similar in there disregard for the people in the sense that they believe going to work or school when things are getting worse rather than better is good for the country. That would be wrong. Maybe the economy will be better off now but if the rumored early arrival of a vaccine doesn’t happen the economy will tank to a level of depression-like we’ve never seen and the predictions in the US of 300000 deaths might be a little low. Neither of these two men cares about the little guy they just care how rich they and their friends can get in the least amount of time. When and if the vaccine does appear and it works both leaders will try to take some sort of credit for it as well as using it to gain more power. Their loyal supporters will say they deserve more power especially if they are among the first to get the vaccine. If you look at Venezuela you’ll see how the people that Chavez originally gave homes and jobs too still support his replacement not because he’s doing a great job but because they don’t wont to lose what they have. Racists in America feel the same way. They believe that the Trumpster is the best chance for there way of life to survive. I think I’ll stop here before I make myself even angrier than I am . This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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