June 14, 2020

Well we’re seeing a lot of articles saying that it won’t be over even if the Trumpster loses the election. They’re saying he won’t leave voluntarily and even if he does he’ll keep claiming the results are wrong and that it was all a big fraud. How can you be an elected official and have bo respect for the electoral process unless you are the winner. This in itself is enough to question this mans intellect and sanity. He keeps touting his base, which as far as I can see is made up of mostly rich white dudes and and not so rich white supremacists. In a time of civil unrest it would be warranted that the president of the United States step up and try ease the tension. Not his fat guy, he wants chaos because then he can do things he want s with out people watching. You know what I mean, look over here while I pick you pocket over here. People it might well be a time not only to defund police departments but maybe the government as well. You know start all over again and maybe this time we can get it right. This is FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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