May 11, 2020

Sorry for being late I tore my knee up and getting around is not easy. Well I read an article that was asking why all the newspapers and news editorial staffs aren’t glamoring for the resignation of the Trumpster. My guess is they’re afraid he’s going to win reelection and attack anyone or thing that has been criticizing him during his first term. Well I ‘m old and don’t give a shit so I’ll say it. THAT FAT PRICK NEEDS TO RESIGN before any more American die because of his stupidity. Now he can stand up there and blame the Russian, Chinese, Democrats or aligns for all I care but he’s the one that screwed up, he’s the one that has caused this cluster fuck so he should fucking leave. I think it’s time for all America to stand up and demand that he leave NOW. Write you congress men, newspapers stand on a corner with a sign but lets get rid of this prick now. You all know why he needs to go just look out your window. Thats all I got today so this is FATS saying CIAO for Antonia from Medellin, Colombia.

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