May 3, 2020

Well I‘ve been putting up some videos on YouTube if anybody cares, just go to YouTube and type in Jeffrey Bruff and check the latest ANTONIA AND FATS THINK Vol 8. OK that’s enough self promotion I’m beginning to sound like the Trumpster. Well do you guys think he will get reelected? I do, because his followers are fanatical in the belief that he is the best President ever. I fit turns out that the country can open and that the virus is under control well he’s a shoe in, if not hey may just take him out and hang him. As much as I hate him I hope he’s right because if he’s not this country will be destroyed and not by Nuclear bombs. The other thing about him being right is that people won’t believe scientists and doctors anymore and the Trumpster will get his wish and we will regress to the stone age. Did ou guys see where he ordered the meat packing plants to stay open with out offering any kind of assurances to the people that work there that they would be safe. We all know why right. Their all immigrants and minorities, you know the people the Trumpster can’t stand. To make thing worse this ass hole is still blaming Obama, who hasn’t been in office for almost 4 years, for just about everything. He’s firing anybody that even slightly disagrees with him or releases some truthful information that contradicts his statements. I find it difficult to believe that his incompetency in this time of crisis hasn’t called for protests calling for his resignation. I guess I ‘ll just have to keep being bewildered until next time. This is Fats and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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