March 29, 2020


OK we’re really in the shit now. For those of you that don’t know I live in Colombia at the moment and we seem to be handling thing a little better than the us at the moment. We went into lock down almost immediately. And the country has less than 1000 cases. Even thought the president isn’t a popular one (They never are down here) people are listening. The US on the other hand has a leader that the world has little or no respect for. The Trumpster is a me president not a we president. i’ve been around for 74 years now and one thing my mom taught me was that we can’t stand alone. She’s right Mandela new that he needed white people to help his country. This virus needs us to stop playing politics and start working together. Our leaders are to concerned with their images and their bank accounts to be able to solve this problem. This virus and its effects are not the fault of the Democrats or the Republicans. they’re the fault of both of them as well as the rest of us. We became complacent and over confident and just plain dumb. We ignored the signs that this could happen and thought we were the best and we could defeat this easily. You know that in previous disasters such as 9/11 and Katrina other countries sent aid to us without our asking. It seems now the Trumpster is asking, but he’s doing it quietly so you won’t know. His ego is going to kill people. The truly sad thing is when this is over and the final body count is in he will make every attempt to take credit for ending it and blame everyone else for the shortcomings that will be there. As I said in the beginning this isn’t a partisan thing and that the world has to work together to prevent it from happening again. I’m probably dreaming that this will happen but we can hope. I also hope we have a free country when this is all done. And on a personal thought I hope that fat orange piece of shit loses and has to be dragged out of the White House. This is Fats wishing Flounder was here,but thankful Antonia is, saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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