March 15, 2020

Well looks like the world is going to hell in a hand basket and the big problem is our leaders don’t have a clue as what to. The Trumpster has effectively ruined the best disease fighting entity in the world the CDC because is rich friends in the pharmacy biz didn’t like all the restrictions it placed on them. Have you seen him speak in the last few days? If he doesn’t look like a senile old fool I don’t know who does. He should just stay hidden in a closet someplace so people don’t panic at he lack of leadership in the White House. The chilling thing is what he might do because of the virus. I mean he cold postpone or cancel the election declare Marshall law and his demented followers would jump up and down and say about time. Its sad the people are using a true national emergency to their own personal benefit. You know Obama said when he was pushing health care. That he didn’t have to worry about it he had a doctor a few feet behind all the time. But he did worry about it and tried to do something about it and got vilified for it. I fear that some how despite his failures at his time that the Trumpster will get himself reelected and destroy that he hasn’t all ready. Even if he doesn’t cancel the election or declare Marshall law the threat of the virus will keep people at home, but not his loyal minions. His followers don’t believe in the virus or science so they’ll be out there voting for the end of democracy. You say they’ll change their minds after they see him screw things up. Hey people take a good look back at Hitler and the people that supported him to the end and more recently look at Venezuela and the people that even though they are starving still support the government. Well I have to go walk the dog. don’t forget to check out Jeffrey Bruff on YOU-TUBE, it easier to laugh if you can see me. This is Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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