March 8, 2020


Well Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the Presidential race this week and I find that sad. It caused two thing to happen. One she became something she has always criticized. That is a political power broker. Her endorsement of Biden would pretty much guarantee his nomination while her endorsement of Sanders would keep it a two person race and more than likely tear the Democratic party apart. The other thing it caused was it raised the question will there ever be a woman President. Now I believe yes just so long as there name aren’t Hillary or Ivanka. I don’t want to see Hillary as Vice President either. Now no matter what warren does or who the nominee is I believe the Democrats cannot win. The reason they don’t have a real plan for anything. All they want is the Trumpster gone. They don’t have arguments based on issue based plans. They want us all to vote for them simply to get rid of the Trumpster. They think people will vote for them using the same logic people who voted for the Trumpster used and that is we need change. Well unfortunately Biden doesn’t represent change and Sanders is to old to be around to get any of his changes through Congress. So my friends the good news is I and many of my fellow anti Trumpster bloggers will have plenty to write about for the next four years. Be sure to go over to Youtube to checkout my video where you get to look at me while a rant about whatever, they use my name for the channel, which you can subscribe to free. Just put Jeffrey Bruff into their search box and wait to be awed. This fats saying CIAO for Antonia and Flounders ghost, from Medellin, Colombia.

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