January 19, 2020

How many of you know somebody you would call a pathological liar, besides the Trumpster I mean. Well because i’ve been around politics I have known a few. The real good liars remember the lie and don’t tell a different version of it. They are the ones everybody likes because they think they always tell the truth. The Trumpster on the other hand tells a lie to protect himself from the truth. I think he believes everything that come out of his mouth. The problem is he’s not the genius he claims to be and can’t remember what lie he told yesterday so he goes and makes up a new one. The only truth he knows is whatever he tells himself while looking in the mirror. But whats worse is that people believe everything he says even when it just doesn’t make sense. There are lots of psychological term s to both explain him and those that believe them. My favorite is not a medically approved term bu ti think they’re just BAT SHIT CRAZY. I want to know what these people are going to say when theres no health care or Social Security and the jobs they’re waiting for don’t come back. I ‘m 74 years old now and I ‘ve seen a lot one thing I’m very sure of that whatever goes up must come down. That means that the economy is reaching a peak and when it does it will have no where to go. If the Trumpster is there when it happens he will bankrupt every government agency and walk away richer and blame everybody else, because after all he’s a genius and could never be wrong. This is Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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