January 12, 2020

Lets talk about fake news or as it used to be called misinformation, I guess it could also be called propaganda. It has been used since the beginning of the spoken an written word. The real masters of it are the Vietnamese and North Koreans. It was used to dishearten Americans during both wars. Today we have a President who had made an art form out of fake news back when he was doing business in real estate. Although illegal people use it today to manipulate the stock market. If you remember in High School they would do experiments to see how rumors would spread. You know you line up ten people tell the first one the rumor and then they would repeat ot he next and so on. By the time you got to the end the story had little resemblance to the original. Well the Trumpster will start out with a lie then tell a different version and deny ever saying any of it. The Americans that support him believe it all the politicians that support him agree with it, the two do so for different reasons. The average American because they want to and are either not that smart or too lazy to actually check out what is being said. The politicians do so out of fear of losing their jobs. When I was a senior in high school and worried about going to Viet Nam I would listen to the TV read the News papers (remember them) when I say read the papers I would read a local and then the New York times and one from the mid west. I would read a couple of news magazines like Time or News Week. Then I would read Rolling Stone. I did this so I could feel that what ever decision I made would be made informatively. In todays world people don’t have the papers or are willing to take the time so they pick a TV station or website and whatever appears there they are going to accept as truth. This means that instead of making a well informed decision they can be persuaded to believe FAKE NEWS. The Trumpster uses that term to label any information that is negative towards him. Well I hope somebody reads this and decides to think for the selves then maybe he’ll tell another person and son on and we can save this country. This is Fats ( really missing Flounder) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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