January 5, 2020

Well I wasn’t expecting my first post of 2020 to be about the beginning of WWW III, but it sure looks like it. The asshole in charge, that would be the Trumpster went and killed an Iranian general. Now a lot of people think this is a good thing, I don’t. I believe it will have a unifying effect on the Arab world and if you think so what we’ll beat them all and then there will be peace and the Trumpster will be king. Bull shit! Have you ever looked at history. The crusaders couldn’t beat the Muslims and at the time the were the best modern army in the world. Well you say that was then and this is now. Since 1902 there have been 92 conflicts in the Mid East. Did you hear that 92 and no one has really won anything. These people all hated each other until we gave them someone else to hate. Now we’re creating Martyrs , we’ve done more to unite the Arab war then anyone in History. The Generals say we have the best Army more Nukes etc. etc. . Look back at the Russian invasion of Afghanistan they were defeated by people that at first threw rocks to being down Helicopters. The majority of Russian troops were Spetsnaz. They had been up to this time been considered the best trained troops in the world (Got their ass’s kicked). But you say, we beat the Iraqis. True but they didn’t want to fight for their leader anyway. When you go around and disrespect religion and the people that worship it and act like your the king of the world your in for a shock. Now we already dis stabilized the region when we killed Saddam, if we go and destroy Iran we will make things so much worse. The only hope right now is that someone can shut the Trumpster up and he either gets impeached or voted out and that a more moderate leader can be found and I don’t care if he’s Republican or Democrat just that he’s not a religious nut job. Well time for me to get off my soapbox and hope there will be a next time. This is FATS and the ghost of FLOUNDER and our friend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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