December 29, 2019

It’s the end of the year and you know what that means. Its time for the annual post about stuff. This is possibly the least read of all my post because for one thing its stuff and the other its the holiday season. Ok her we go. At this time of year right after Christmas our going to open a closet and find out you got more stuff than you thought. There are several solutions to this problem. 1 Completely ignore the problem. 2 Order a dumpster, 3 Wait until the spring and have a garage sale. This problem arises because we want our kids to have what they want and because we want what the media say we should want in order to prove our success. Well fo me I get stuff because my family will hear me talking about something and they think great we’ll get it for his birthday or Christmas. Of course by that time I know longer want it and it goes in the closet because it was a gift and I don’t want to insult the give by throwing it out. Americans are referred to as a disposable society. I think that means that we buy thing on whims and then just discard them. Well I think more people are like me they are given things people think they want or need and they end up in a closet. Our grandson was given presents some clothes, some games and some toy trucks. He will play with one toy until he loses interest and then it goes in the closet. Well you say they could always clean it up and give it to charity. Well kids have to be taught charity and it’s easier to just put it in the closet. So what happens next birthday or Christmas more stuff. Now women are just as bad because they’ll have dresses that are a year old and they will now be “out of style”. So they will remain in the closet. Men will want the latest Tech toy until the next one comes along then the old goes in a drawer or the closet. We listen to or watch ads on radio and TV telling us we need the next I phone or the 75 inch flat screen TV is so much better than the 65 inch no matter you have no room for it. We are addicted to having the newest and thats great for the economy because if we never went out and bought the next great thing manufacturing would come to a stop. But we waste stuff be not recycling it or maybe a slight upgrade. I’m a trained computer repair person and shortly after I finished my course the price’s of PCs dropped greatly making people believe it was easier and cheaper to just throw away (or put in the closet) the old one and buy the new, and you know what you end up with. More and more stuff. Well I have to go and move some stuff around to make room for new stuff so I’ll just say this is Fats and Antonia along with the ghost of Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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