December 8, 2019

Well I guess I have to talk impeachment this week whether I want to or not. You all know I have extreme dislike for the Trumpster only because I know him. People say look he filed bankruptcy 5 times he’ll do it to the country. Well to be fair he personally never filed bankruptcy his companies did he never lost a dime of his own money. I’m pretty sure he still has the first dime he ever inherited. Unfortunately for those of us that want him out I don’t see that happening. The Trumpster as of this writing will not be impeached by the Senate and removed. It will take some smoking gun type of new evidence of criminal behavior that get the general public hyped up so they force the Republican majority to vote to impeach with out that your looking at possibly more than 4 more years. Without that smoking gun a vote for impeachment risks civil war or worse yet a race war. The economy is thriving right now and based on history will decline in the next 4 or 5 years making it look like he was a genius and we were all wrong to remove him. His reelection will doom democracy and things like heath care, education, social security and others policies that protect the average American. You will be looking at the beginning of the end. that’s not what scares me the most about him what scares me the most is that he’s just not that smart. I don’t believe hes capable of making the right decision in time of a real crisis. He walk into a room and believes he’s the smartest person in the room. If you look at his negotiations with North Korea you soon realize that hes out of his depth. These are the people that invented brain washing and the art of manipulation. The Trumpster invented the art of conceit and greed. The Trumpster doesn’t understand the world, he believes there no difference in dealing with a dictator than a chairman of the board. Well if he tries to out manipulate little Rocket Man he’s going to get a nuke up his(our) ass. Threating to nuke them into oblivion won’t work. The whole world knows the consequences of a nuclear attack. There was even a US policy that stated that if we could reach a guaranteed survival of I believe 21% of the population we would strike first, but advancement in weaponry have guaranteed the end of the world if a nuclear war was to happen. The ardent hawks in government understand this. They also understand that Kim doesn’t care. He would rather see the world die than give up is power. So where does all this leave us. Are we really looking at Agamemnon. The end of the world as we know it. That would depend on there being a real hero out there, good luck with that. This is Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia and that maybe Flounder was the lucky one.

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