December 1, 2019

Soo we have another Sunday and the beginning of the Christmas shopping time, well at least in America. Down here fireworks last night began the drink till you drop party time in Colombia. This is surprising because Colombia is a very Catholic country, you would think it would be more about religion than alcohol. That isn’t the case as I have written about before this country takes a much more religious approach to Easter than it does to Christmas. Which to me not being religious is strange seeing that Christmas is about birth and Easter is more about death and stuff. When I say drink till you drop I’m not kidding it’s like watching myself in a mirror back in the day. Parties will start to get loud around 10 or 11 and go till 2pm the next day unless they decide to keep going. I have no idea how much beer and Aguardiente a overly sweet alcohol drink containing between 30 and 60% alcohol. It’s done in shots with water chasers. I would also say a few hundred pounds of Cocaine is consumed from now until after New Years. Alcoholism is large problem down here as I don’t see any real enforcement of any age requirement to be stupid. By Dec 10 there will be no Christmas Decorations for sale anywhere down here except a couple of specifically Christmas stores which are very very expensive. They don’t want shopping to get in the way of partying. Every year they say no more fireworks you’ll be arrested well that worked until New Years eve last year and so far it hasn’t worked at all this year. They tell you that the economy is not great here but based on last night I think it’s pretty dam good. There were some major displays going on and there not just little ones. Well as I say every Sunday this time of year it’s football Sunday. Say did any of you get to catch the Alabama Auburn game yesterday? It was by far the best game pro or college that I had seen this year. Ok we’re all going to the couch s we can nap if the games suck today. This is Fats and Flounder friend Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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