October 6, 2019

Now it’s time to get back to basics. Will the Trumpster be impeached yes or no that is the question. As it stands right now the answer is no, not because he’e not guilty but because his party won’t let it happen. I believe that if the Democrats can’t convince all there party and at least a few prominent Republicans that all they will accomplish is to cause the reelection of the fat swine. Impeachment isn’t just about the law it’s also about politics. The Democrats hate everything he does just like he hates everything Obama has done. Yes he’s a racist, yes he wants to be king or emperor, no he has no empathy for anyone. He got himself elected by saying things like lets build a wall and I’ll empty the swamp. Well no wall and the swamp is overflowing. Now my philosophy is lets get rid of the old political hacks whether they be Democrat or Republican and get some young people with fresh ideas in there. I know they will make mistakes but maybe we need to make a few and not try to be so dam perfect because thats what got us in this mess we’re in now. I for one don’t see any Presidential Candidate out there that I think is capable of uniting the country or bringing abut the changes I’m talking about. But we need someone in there that knows how to read and believes in science or by the time we get around to making changes we’ll all be extinct. This is Fats in memory of Flounder CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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