September 15, 2019

Boy a lot of shit happened this week, I ‘ll try and cover everything. First up the question was raised on CNN is Venezuela going to be come another Cuban missile crisis for the US. Well if you look at this the Cubans have been trading doctors for oil, they trained the Army and you have a paranoid leader in Maduro, who believes invasion by the US or Colombia is eminent and you have the conditions for a crisis. Now you have the opposition leader being photographed with known Colombian drug dealers so WTF are we going to do. The answer is in the mind of the greedy Trumpster so anything is possible. In the US you had another debate by the Democratic candidates for President, that just proved what I’ve believed all along. That they don’t have a clear leader and are too fractured to win in 2020 this could, of course change at any minute. I believe, like many others that another 4 years of the present asshole would be disastrous for the country and the world. One of the candidates not considered a leader but trying suggested removing all assault weapons from private ownership. Well as nice an idea as that is it’s more likely to cause violence than prevent it. If you remember from my last post there are 300 million or so unregistered guns out there and this a guess in reality there are probably much more and I don’t see these people being the type to o[en their doors and say sure you want my guns here help your self. There is also the matter of Medicare for everyone. Another great idea but comes with a cost of at least one trillion dollars. Now I don’t happen to have that much spare change laying around so this is just another example of what the Democrats are saying thoughts without substance. If you are like me in your 70s and your memory is still working you will remember that health care has been an issue for a long time and the only one who was ever able to make any changes at all was Obama. The Health industry is very powerful and they don’t want any changes that would mean there people would have to start living the city and drive compacts instead of Caddy’s. Now lets move on to the next crisis. The Saudis had half there oil production destroyed by drones Saturday morning which bring up the question how the hell did this happen. I was under the impression that they had this great air defense system so WTF. You know of course that no matter what the damage oil prices are going to go up just as production shifts from gasoline to heating oil. Well if you at this week you’ll see that once again it looks like the little guy is going to take the brunt of these shit storms once again. I’ m done the game are going to start and being a Giants fan I ‘m about to become even more depressed. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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