July 28, 2019


First let me say welcome to my new girlfriend Antonia. As you can see from the photo she’s gorgeous. Now on with todays post. Down here the stores are getting ready to put out the Christmas decorations as well as Halloween. This really depresses me. Halloween and Christmas are kids holidays, although they do a fairly good job for the kids Christmas is just a drunk. The stores, other than ones like Home center, biggest displays are booze and lots of it. I can understand News Years eve but Christmas eve all night parties that run into Christmas day just make me sick. Well this year I’ll not only have Fats but Antonia to hang out with. Now everybody says it’s because I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t drink any more but there’s more to it. First back in the US I really didn’t like parting with relatives mainly because they could all out drink me. And I really don’t have a lot in common with them and not drinking does make it worse trying to hold a conversation. Now that Fats doesn’t drink anymore it’s not fun to watch you young relatives see how much booze that can swallow and still get on their motorcycles. He doesn’t like watching it because he cars about these people. Now getting back to the store situation I am really surprised they star so early. Even in the US stores like Costco are already putting out the artificial trees lights etc. Now when Black Friday comes around they’ll say sale for the day aren’t the same. Well of course not if you start the season in August. I see a move to move Halloween to the last Saturday in October. Believe me when I say this is strictly to boast retail sales of booze and candy it has nothing to do with giving the kids a chance to go trick or treating. If I wanted it to be for the kids I’d just make it a holiday. Well that’s enough bitching and moaning for now this is Flounder and Fats with girlfriend Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin ,Colombia.

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