July 21, 2019

Sorry this is coming out so late today we were out looking at a dog for possible adoption. Well most of you who been following this blog know that I believe in aliens. I also believe that it ignorant and arrogant to think that they only come to America. The earliest evidence of possible Alien visits comes from the earliest of times. Symbols drawn on cave walls that some interpret as aliens. Some go so far as to believe that it was there technology that was used to build the Pyramids and other so called wonders of the ancient world. I don’t think Aliens would ever to try talk to the likes of the Trumpster or any of the other world leaders. I think they would study the uneducated because if you want to see how far the Human Race as progressed you would look to see how far the dumbest of us has progressed. it’s easy to check the scientific advances by simply observing from a distance but is you really want know look at the least educated the one living in jungles or homeless. I’m not talking about veterans but rather those that are born into complete poverty. How they handle that determines how far we’ve come. Not the space launches or the cures for disease. This might sound dumb to you but give it some thought. I believe that if we are perceived as threat, like in the movie “When the Earth Stood Still”, Aliens will respond and it won’t be to help. We have world leaders that believe that bombs and rockets can prevent the end of the world. They have no respect for mother nature so do you think that a race of people who can travel millions of light years would tolerate us going out and visiting their planets. I don’t think so. If we’re lucking when we start to get close to being able to travel that far they will warn us. My fear is that we’ll be to arrogant to listen. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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