May 26, 2019

Well look at this it’s Memorial day weekend the traditional start of the summer season. It’s also time for us to take a moment and remember all those who have fought and died for us so we could celebrate the summer. I guess I’m lucky and that all my relatives hat fought in wars either never saw combat or if they did they came home physically unharmed. Notice I said physically unharmed. Many came home shattered on the inside and couldn’t find the help they needed. I find it shocking that we can send men to fight our battles while we watch it in the movies or on TV, yet when they return we have no trouble turning our backs on them. The worst is how we treated those who came back from the Viet Nam war. People actually spit on them called them baby killers all because the felt it was a unjust war. I don’t see any war being just the men and women who fight them seldom understand the reasons they do as their government says. I think people who criticize those who fight our battles are cowards. Now your next question is what did you do. Well I knew we were fighting a war we couldn’t win and at the time had no idea why we were fighting it. I felt that I had two choices go to Canada or join the military because I really didn’t want to get my ass shot off for nothing. I was about to be drafted when I got the opportunity to join the National Guard, so I did. It was for 6 years and I went to Newark during the riots instead of Danang. I have the deepest respect for those that went and fought just like the ones that went to Irag looking for weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. If you look at who fights the war you’ll see its not the rich they get to pay doctors to keep them out of the war ( like our President ). When I was in the National Guard my unit came close to being federalized and sent somewhere. We have a president who never suffered any adversity and never served calling a hero a coward. This is not expectable but there is little I can do about it. He stands up and says we won’t be pushed around but he hides in the White house only leaving to pat himself on the back or play golf. I hope the 500000 remaining living survivors of WW II get the rightful honors to day and maybe they can feel appreciated and not forgotten for at least one day. The same goes for all the surviving veterans of all our conflicts. So America take a minute this weekend between beers and burgers say thanks to them and if you can visit a hospital and shake their hand I know the would be grateful. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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